How Does the NHS Drug Tariff Work?

Navigating the complexities of the National Health Service (NHS) Drug Tariff can be a daunting task for pharmacies and healthcare providers. This essential document outlines the reimbursement framework for medicines and appliances dispensed on NHS prescriptions, ensuring pharmacies are compensated fairly while maintaining cost-effective access to medications for patients. This post delves into the workings of the NHS Drug Tariff, offering insights into it's structure, purpose, and impact on pharmacy operations.

Understanding the NHS Drug Tariff

The NHS Drug Tariff is a comprehensive document that specifies the reimbursement and remuneration pharmacies receive for dispensing medications and appliances under the NHS. Updated monthly, it serves as a financial guide for pharmacies, dictating how much they will be paid for each item dispensed.

Key Components of the Drug Tariff

The Drug Tariff is divided into several sections. Drug Tariff Pro condenses them down into the most relevant parts for easy navigation; these include:

  • Part II:

    Items where Discount is Not Deducted.

  • Part VIIIA:

    The basic price of generic medicines

  • Part VIIIB:

    Specials and imported unlicensed medicines

  • Part VIIID::

    Special and imported medicines based on common pack sizes

  • Part IX::

    Appliances that may be supplied against NHS prescriptions

  • Part XVIIIA (The Blacklist)::

    Drugs, medicines and other products not permitted on an NHS prescription

How Reimbursement Works

Pharmacies submit claims for the medications and appliances they dispense. These claims are processed according to the Drug Tariff's pricing and rules, ensuring pharmacies are reimbursed for the cost of the drugs plus a professional fee for the dispensing service.

The Role of Drug Tariff Pro

With the Drug Tariff's complex structure and frequent updates, staying informed and compliant can be challenging for pharmacies. This is where Drug Tariff Pro steps in, offering a streamlined platform to access, search, understand and apply Drug Tariff information effectively. Our tools and resources simplify the Drug Tariff, making it easier for pharmacies to:

  • Access up-to-date pricing information:

    Quickly find the current reimbursement rates for medications and appliances.

  • Understand what you'll actually be paid:

    With our added features, such as Net Pricing, pharmacies are able to see the actual amount they’ll be reimbursed when dispensing a medication.

  • All the information you need, collated in one place:

    Use our platform to find the latest concession prices, the Net Prices, and create watchlists so the drugs that matter to your business are all together in one quick reference point.


The NHS Drug Tariff is a critical element of the UK's healthcare system, ensuring pharmacies are fairly compensated while keeping medications accessible and affordable for patients. Understanding and navigating the Drug Tariff is essential for pharmacy operations, a task made easier with the support of Drug Tariff Pro. Our platform is designed to demystify the Drug Tariff, providing the tools and information pharmacies need to operate efficiently and effectively.

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